REUNIR’s ultimate objective is to provide evidence-based policy recommendations to strengthen the foreign policy arsenal of the EU to support the countries of the Eastern neighbourhood and Western Balkans to withstand malign foreign influencing and stay the course on the European integration track.

RE-ENGAGE’s overarching ambition is to assist the EU in refining its foreign policy toolbox, including its enlargement and neighbourhood policies. This will enhance the Union’s geopolitical leverage and provide better tools for democracy promotion in its neighbourhood. To achieve this goal, RE-ENGAGE will conduct in-depth studies in six candidate countries – three in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia) and three in the Eastern Neighbourhood (Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine).

The primary objective of the GEO-POWER-EU project is to enhance the security dimension of the EU’s policies in the Eastern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans. The project aspires to develop a comprehensive EU strategy for these regions, taking into consideration foresight concerning the strategic ambitions of other geopolitical actors.