Iulian Groza is the Executive Director of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) a leading independent think-tank from Chișinău that is promoting Moldova’s European Integration. He is a career diplomat with the diplomatic rank of minister-counsellor and a former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration the Republic of Moldova in charge for European integration and international law. In 2022 he was assigned as one of the Moldova’s civil society representatives in the Supreme Security Council and National Committee for European Integration. Iulian is an expert in international relations, European affairs and good governance, with a particular focus on EaP countries, EU, Transatlantic cooperation and Russia.

About IPRE
The Institute for European Policies and Reforms was established in March 2015 as an independent think-tank. IPRE is specialised in research, analysis and advocacy of policies in the areas of public administration, good governance, rule of law, public finances and economic development. IPRE’s experts and researchers are also active in assessing national, transatlantic and European foreign and security policies.

IPRE’s Mission is to accelerate the European integration of the Republic of Moldova by promoting systemic reforms, enhancing participatory democracy, and strengthening the role of citizens in national and local decision-making processes. IPRE’s key priorities are to promote the Europeanization process, building policy bridges on the national, regional and European levels and contributing to community development and empowering citizens.

Since it was established, IPRE has become one of the leading Moldovan and Eastern Partnership think-tanks, specialised on issues of European integration, foreign and security policy, promoting good governance and rule of law policies, affirming itself as a credible reference centre for research, policy development and empowerment. At the same time, IPRE managed to go beyond traditional research-based think-tank, contributing to citizens’ participation in assessment and promoting public policies. IPRE is also active in promoting policies and research via tailored advocacy effort on the national, regional and European levels in particular.

Read more on IPRE’s activities at www.ipre.md