David Vukicevic, born in 2002 in Podgorica, Montenegro, is the president of The Network for Youth Activism of Montenegro since its foundation in 2021 and the best awarded student of Faculty of Economics of University of Montenegro in 2023. Having managed many internationally funded projects, and being a member of National Council for Sustainable Development headed by Prime Minister of Montenegro and being a member of Advisory Board of Montenegro SDG Acceleration Fund, David continuously contributes to the state prosperity and the improvement of the position of Montenegrin youth.  

The Network for Youth Activism of Montenegro (MOACG) was founded in 2021 and since then, it has been a leading youth organization in Montenegro, which through its projects, initiatives, activities and research, works on the improvement of the status of young people. MOACG fosters a peer approach, which proves to give the best results in youth work. MOACG´s motto is: Youth with youth, for youth. The fact that the oldest person in MOACG is in their mid twenties enables us to foster an authentic approach to policy making, raising awareness and education. MOACG continuously promotes and works on educating youth, building the skills that contribute to the development of Montenegro and its path towards the EU. MOACG firmly believes that quality formal and informal education is the first prerequisite for creating a more democratic community characterized by active and dedicated youth committed to participation in social processes.